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Hallmarks of Aging
The number of people above the age of 60 years is growing worldwide and that number is projected to triple by the year 2050 [1]. Aging is the predominant risk factor for the majority of diseases and conditions that limit...
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Pterostilbene | Research Shows Promising Health Benefits
An obesogenic diet may cause inheritable epigenetic changes. Learn more about the possible impact of an obesogenic diet on future generations. In this article: What is Pterostilbene? Resveratrol vs Pterostilbene Pterostilbene and Cancer Pterostilbene and Cardiovascular Health Pterostilbene Effects on...
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7 Reasons To Get Epigenetic Testing
Epigenetics is taking on the problems of disease and aging and seeking to turn back the aging clock. The heart of it is understanding and then controlling, gene expression by learning what can block or facilitate that expression. It's still...
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