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How fast are you aging?

The Most Advanced
Epigenetic Analysis
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Our Mission

Improve people's lives by arming patients and physicians with information enabling them to make the right decisions at the right time through insights found in the fluid epigenome.

We Believe Epigenetic Methylation is one of the
Most Promising Biomarkers of the Future

However, in order to read the information documented in our methylation, you have to learn how to interpret it. That is where we can help. TruDiagnostic's CLIA certified laboratory specializes in DNA methylation and generating new algorithms to interpret this data for health insights.

One of the largest private databases of epigenetic methylation & covariate data

Over 15 unique algorithms created through advanced artificial intelligence

The only 3rd generation
aging algorithm available

Our Lab

We are one of the few epigenetic age companies with our own CLIA certified laboratory.

Our epigenetic reporting goes beyond age analysis. We have reports on behaviors, exposures, lifestyle, & more.

Multi-omic aging clocks including data and clocks in: proteomics, metabolomics, epigenetics, & phenotypic

International distribution with partners in China, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and across the globe


We have 30+ clinical trials currently underway with collaborators such as Duke, Harvard, Yale, Cornell, Medtronic, UCSF, UPenn, Ohio St. and more.

Are you a researcher, or interested in collaborating with us?

Our platform is built for medical professionals, with thousands of providers using our test per year

We have tested 15,000 patients
on the EPIC850k array

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