TruDiagnostic is a Health Data company, specializing in epigenetic testing & research. We use a multi-omic approach to help scientists, physicians, and patients understand and benefit from the information found in the fluid epigenome.

Our primary focus is DNA Methylation – we offer a variety of algorithms and lab services for researchers, physicians, and consumers who want the most accurate and insightful longevity analysis from a CLIA-certified and HIPAA-compliant lab.

TruDiagnostic began with TruAge – a test that measures Biological Age by looking at Methylation. We also provide a full suite of aging related metrics. This includes telomere length measurements, intrinsic and extrinsic age calculations, immune cell subset deconvolution, current pace of aging, and more. 

We are involved in a host of clinical trials, and currently partner with academic research institutions to further develop the fields of epigenetics and longevity-focused personalized medicine.

Provider Platform

We are the first epigenetic testing platform built for providers to assess and interpret methylation based epigenetics of their patients. This centers around our expertise in epigenetic age testing.

Aging is the #1 risk factor for most chronic diseases. Using our advanced epigenetic age testing algorithms in your clinic, we are able to help objectively quantify age and the effects of medical interventions intended to reduce accelerated aging and the subsequent links to disease and health.

Our Research

As the field of multi-omic evaluations evolve, we are doing our part to further the use of epigenetic methylation testing in clinical application. We have many approved IRBs in progress to objectively evaluate interventions of aging, to create new and more accurate predictive algorithms of disease, and to find better molecular predictors of clinical outcome, medication response and more.

We currently partner with private companies, non-profit institutions, and academic research partners to expand the field of epigenetics, transcriptomics, cytomics, and genomics.

Click the link below to find out more about our laboratory’s current projects. 

Research Services

Experts in the field of multi-omics, TruDiagnostic provides research services and the highest quality data for scientists doing clinical or basic research. We serve clients in biotech, pharmaceutical, academic and government research/testing around the world. 

We enhance your productivity and enable you to meet important deadlines by delivering the utmost quality data and by offering the best in customer service and a collaborative, consultative relationship. We also help with data analysis to streamline reporting for you on your projects.  

TruDiagnostic is Your Research Partner.

Personal Epigenetic Testing

Biological Age is the #1 Biomarker for Healthspan & Lifespan. We help patients objectively track their aging with an at-home sample collection kit, and a rapid laboratory turnaround for analyzing & delivering epigenetic reports. 

Our TruAge Collections deliver a multitude of aging metric analysis, including Telomere Length, Pace of Aging, Biological Age, insights into your immune system’s impact on aging, and much more. 

With only a few drops of blood, learn about Biological Age, specific health risks, and get a free 30-minute telehealth consultation from one of our clinical partners to go over your results and start creating a plan to optimize your future.