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Once you’ve signed up, feel free to use the graphics and prewritten text provided in your introductory email in your promotion efforts.

You can also use anything we’ve provided on our website. 

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Through our TruDiagnostic Brand Affilaite program, offer your audience 12% off our TruAge Collections, and receive $50 for each Collection bought using your code or referral link. 

Affiliate FAQs

We ask that social influencers or website operators have content generally focused around health, wellness, science, genetics, biohacking, or technology. We verify this by checking what website or social media links are submitted in the registration process.

In particular, sites dedicated to hosting coupon codes or sales must indicate thus when they sign up.


There are no fees to sign up.

Your ongoing affiliate membership is based on the traffic generated by your link. If you’ve had zero traffic in over 60 days, we’re going to assume you’re not actively promoting our products any longer. You will be notified via the email used to sign up about your low traffic, and if no traffic comes through your link in the next 30 days, you may be removed from our affiliate list at the end of the 90 days with no traffic.

You are welcome to try it! We encourage folks to do so, before becoming an affiliate, so you can understand the process and what you can expect in the results.

Reach out to and we’d be happy to answer any questions you have.



We have a folder sent to affiliates when they sign up, with graphics and prewritten text affiliates are free to use. You may use images and content from our website in the promotion of our products on your website, but all of those images must be attributed to us.