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The TruAge Core Collection includes all the basic reports you need to learn about your epigenetic age and how to change it. 

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The #1 Biomarker for Healthspan & Lifespan. This test measures epigenetic markers on your DNA to determine your Biological Age.

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What is Epigenetics?

If your DNA is your body’s big book of recipes, and your genes are carefully describing each step in the many recipes… then epigenetics is your body’s way of adding sticky notes to those recipes, to change how much of a step is read, or to skip a step entirely! 

Epigenetics is how your body changes gene expression throughout your life. It actually changes how your cells read your own DNA by using little markers that are added or subtracted based on experiences you have and what you inherited from your parents. 

Epigenetics is a major factor in Aging, so we use epigenetics to analyze it and create our TruAge Epigenetic Collections

What is TruAge?

TruAge is a collection of Epigenetic Age reports. The epigenetic marker we analyze is called Methylation. It is currently the most useful and accurate way to measure the biological processes of aging. 

Different areas of our body age at different rates due to differences in cell type and stressors. Since those different aging rates also impact health and lifespan in different ways, we realized there is no single, perfect measurement of aging. No single “Biological Age” number could express all the useful things we can tell you about aging, and how it impacts your health!  

So, we expanded TruAge into a collection of reports instead of just a single number.

By looking at different aspects of epigenetic aging, along with trait reports and other advanced metrics, we offer a larger and more complete picture of your ever-changing health and lifespan.

Why Measure Age?

Ever wonder why some people look and act 10 years younger than they are? 
A person’s Epigenetic Age matters far more than the number of candles on their birthday cake, when it comes to estimating their health and age-related disease risks.

Aging itself, from a biological perspective, is the gradual loss of function at a cellular and molecular level. Epigenetics play a big part in regulating and controlling those functions, so it also plays a big part in aging. 

Accelerated Epigenetic Aging is actually the #1 risk factor for developing most age-related chronic diseases. With TruAge, you can measure your epigenetic aging, and use our reports as a reference point to begin tracking how your lifestyle changes are affecting your aging at a molecular level. 

We measure aging, so you can more effectively manage it. 


Our laboratory is CLIA certified, and HIPAA compliant. We take data security seriously and will never sell it to a third party.


TruAge has been reviewed and approved by independent board-certified physicians.


We make a complex subject easy for you to use. Gain meaningful insights about your lifestyle, and tips based on epigenetic research.


Take action on your health and wellness. Choose a local health provider or sign up for a free 30-minute Epigenetic consult to go over your results, access advanced reporting, and make a personalized plan.



Add the Tasso+ to your cart during checkout alongside a TruAge kit for an easier blood draw, right from the start. 

If you’ve already purchased your TruAge kit, but had trouble with the original lancet and capillary method, you can also purchase the Tasso+ as an alternative blood collection method. 


Create an account at and register your test kit


Collect your blood sample with a small finger prick. All the supplies and instructions are included - even the bandage.


Secure your sample in the prepaid envelope and mail it back to our lab!


When you send a sample in for the first time, you’re joining a dedicated team of research scientists who are constantly analyzing our data for new and relevant results. 

When our team isolates a new connection between methylation and phenotypes or behaviors, your existing reports will be updated automatically. 

This lifetime of free trait report updates means that your TruAge Collection will continue to increase in value for years to come. 

As we grow and learn more about this new and exciting field of science, your TruAge collection grows as well.



An analysis of your epigenetic markers, to show different aspects of your aging. 


Our report goes over most currently known ways your Epigenetics can be changed, and what your personal patterns can tell us.


If you decide to take a yearly TruAge test, you can track how changes in your lifestyle are affecting your aging and associated long-term risks

Want to Access Advanced Reporting?

Get the expertise of a healthcare professional.

What Reports Do We Offer?

Your Speedometer for Aging


DunedinPACE is a one-of-a-kind algorithm created over the course of 50 years of research by the researchers at Duke, Columbia, and the University of Otego.

The Dunedin Pace of Aging report is essentially a speedometer for aging, based on methylation markers in the genome.

It is highly predictive of outward phenotypic signs of aging, and studies have found accelerated aging detected by this algorithm is also highly predictive of the development of age-related diseases. 

It is more sensitive to short-term changes than our regular Epigenetic Age report, so it’s useful for folks aiming to  optimize their lifestyle to reduce aging. 

This report is only available in our COMPLETE collection

Telomere Length Estimation through Methylation

Telomere Length Diagram - showing a cell nucleus, chromosome and telomere end-caps

Telomere Age

Telomeres are repeating sequences of nucleotide base-pairs at the very end of all your chromosomes. They don’t carry your essential genetic data, but they do protect it. 

Telomeres have long been a core reference point for tracking biological aging. With our newest algorithm, we’re able to accurately estimate Telomere Length by examining methylation markers on your DNA. 

In this report, learn about how telomere length affects cellular replication and cellular fate, and how your telomeres currently fare. 

This report is available in our CORE and COMPLETE collections. 


The summary of your epigenetic aging

Biological Age

TruDiagnostic has the largest private database of epigenetic information in the world. By collecting important covariates for this database of DNA Methylation, we were able to create a biological age predictor.  

Building on the science already in existing literature, we have used our large database to create a highly accurate biological age model with a high correlation value to age (r=.98).

This is our largest report, going in-depth into the many aspects that change biological age, and some of the general lifestyle choices the current research supports for slowing epigenetic aging.  

This report is available in our CORE and COMPLETE collections. 

Intrinsic vs Extrinsic Epigenetic Aging

Immune Age

Environmental exposures, exercise, diet, sleep – all of these influence the health and aging rate of your immune system. The aging of your immune system, in turn, affects your overall biological age. 

Discover what your biological age would look like if you had no Immune System influencing it, with Intrinsic Epigenetic Age. It is essentially the baseline aging of your body, without the impact of diseases and other immune system aging factors. 

Extrinsic Epigenetic Age is more informed by your cellular and hormonal biology than the standard biological age. By examining the ratios of immune cells present in your blood, it creates a new, more accurate version of Epigenetic Biological Age. 

This report is available in our CORE and COMPLETE collections. 

Your Raw Epigenetic Data

CpG Beta Values

CpG sites are the locations on your DNA where we pull methylation information, to calculate all of your epigenetic metrics. They’re practically the only place on the genome that allows methylation to happen, which is what helps control gene expression! 

A Beta Value is the degree of methylation on a CpG site. Basically: how much is the gene associated with that site turned on or off? This is the most common way to measure DNA methylation. 

CpG Beta Values are your raw epigenetic data, that can be used in epigenetic clocks and other algorithms. 

TruDiagnostic is built and operated by scientists, researchers and epigenetic enthusiasts. We understand wanting a second opinion. Wanting transparency.  

That’s why all TruAge customers receive a downloadable report with 1,300 of your CpG Loci Beta Values – the ones most commonly used by other epigenetic companies to calculate biological age. 


Access Personal Health Insights

Advanced Health Metrics

Epigenetics has a strong connection to disease and long-term health. Despite our name, TruDiagnostic’s TruAge epigenetic reports cannot actually diagnose a disease on its own. That’s up to a healthcare practitioner. 

We can help those physicians and clinicians investigate epigenetic markers that flag a possible predisposition toward certain diseases, like obesity and diabetes. Much like a blood cholesterol test cannot diagnose obesity, our epigenetic tests cannot diagnose diseases either.

 By working with a healthcare provider or epigenetic consult, you can access advanced health metrics, like investigations into disease. They can also take a look at your medical history and create a more personalized plan for major lifestyle changes. 


Track changes in aging

2nd Time User Report

We recommend you test 1-2x per year, and our follow-up reporting feature provides a snapshot of your entire biological age history with us. 

This allows you to track your progress over time, and check in on how recent lifestyle changes are affecting your various aging metrics.