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Healthcare Professionals can access advanced reporting metrics that are not available to the general public. 

We want everyone to get the most accurate picture of their epigenetic status.
That’s why we offer one (1) free 30-minute telehealth consultation per person, to speak with one of our epigenetic experts to review your first TruAge results and get you access to advanced reporting metrics. 

Additional Reporting & Insights from Healthcare Professionals

If you’d like to access all advanced report metrics, you’ll need to involve a healthcare professional.

We also advise involving a healthcare professional when making lifestyle changes in response to any of your TruAge test results. Healthcare professionals can help you create a personalized and medically appropriate plan, and assist you in tracking changes over time. 

If you don’t have one readily available, you can fill out the form below to be connected to our telehealth partner or one of our healthcare partners. 

What should I expect from the Telehealth Consult?

Our TruAge Epigenetic Test comes with one (1) free 30-minute telehealth consult with your first results.
This offer is per-person, not per-test.  

When you request a consult of any type, you will be asked to sign an information release form, agreeing to allow that healthcare professional to access your TruAge reports for analysis and explanation. Since we take data security and HIPAA compliance seriously, this consent form is required before the consult can take place. 

Once that consent form has been signed by you and sent back, you can schedule a convenient time to speak with our epigenetic consult, who will review your results and go over it with you on the call. They will send you a copy of your advanced reporting metrics, and point out areas of interest on your report, what your results mean for you, and places where you can make changes. 

At the end of the consult, you will have the option to create a more formal, step-by-step plan, with a lifestyle coach to guide you through it. 

How does the Healthcare Professional Consult work?

We will send you a list of local Healthcare Professionals near you that already partner with us, their contact information, and a brief note on the specialties of their practice. Our partners have been trained to read and interpret our epigenetic reports, and can give insights and personalized care when creating long-term health goals. 

You can request that they reach out to you directly, or you can reach out to them yourself as you decide what practice is right for you. 

Due to their variety of specialties, the exact steps in this process can differ between practices. Some offer a free first-time consult, while others require you join their program first. 

 Once you’ve decided on who you want to meet with, you will be asked to sign an information release form, agreeing to allow that healthcare professional  access to your TruAge reports. Until you sign that consent form, no third party can access your personal data. 

Why should I get a consult?

TruDiagnostic™ is a testing laboratory first and foremost.  We can offer general lifestyle advice in our reports based on the latest research, but you might have food allergies, old injuries, or medical conditions that would interfere with taking that advice safely. 

Additionally, our advanced metrics include measurements like methylation levels on specific CpG sites that are correlated to disease outcomes.
These results are not a diagnosis (just like a cholesterol test alone cannot diagnose heart disease). 

That’s why we advise having your results examined by a healthcare professional, and require their involvement to access more sensitive health reports included in our Advanced Reporting. They can help you create a plan personalized to your epigenetic data. They can also gauge risks of major lifestyle changes based on your personal medical history, and offer insight into advanced reporting metrics. 

Involving them makes your experience more personalized, safer, and more effective.