Our Reports

Our at-home sample collection kit makes it easy to learn about your Biological Age, and other health metrics. 

Read on to learn more about what our reports have to offer – and to check demo reports so you know exactly what to expect from your own results. 

Biological Age

We have one of the largest private epigenetic databases in the world! We have tested over 13,000 patients to date and have collected many important covariates from these to create a state of the art biological age predictor. Building on the science already in the literature, we have used our large database to create a highly accurate biological age model with a high correlation value to age (r=.98). 

In addition to this, we split these reports into intrinsic and extrinsic age.  This is helpful because the risk and treatments are different for each. 

In our reporting, we also try to break down this score to give you the most accurate information on what might have affected your score at baseline by breaking down all the factors which might have impacted your score to give you the best and most accurate version of biological age.  

Methylation Values

Our data report publishes all relevant CpG sites, which are the spots on the genome that become methylated. This provides the user with the beta values needed to apply to publicly available algorithms to perform their personal data analysis. 


Current Pace of Aging:

Pace of Aging is essentially a speedometer for aging, based on methylation markers in the genome.  It is changed by a lifetime of accumulated stress, in addition to positive influences on epigenome.  

It is highly predictive of outward signs of aging, and studies have found accelerated aging detected by this algorithm is highly predictive of developing age-related diseases. 

This invaluable test is sensitive to short-term changes in lifestyle and interventions. 

2nd Time User Report

No other epigenetic testing company provides a report that demonstrates your health’s change over time. We recommend you test 1-2x per year, and our follow-up reporting feature provides a snapshot of your entire biological age history, this allows you to track your progress over time. 

Smoking History

Drinking History

Telomere Length Estimator