TruDiagnostic Lab

We pride accuracy and reliability for all samples. This is why we designed and built our own lab instead of outsourcing samples and your data to other companies.

Lab Processing

The scientists here at TruDiagnostic care about the quality of the results that are generated. We strive to make sure that your sample is handled with utmost care so there are no deficiencies in the process of epigenetic testing.

With our collaborative, creative atmosphere, TruDiagnostic wants to deliver the most comprehensive epigenetics testing platform available to the public.

Remember that our DNA is not a complete story, and here at TruDiagnostic, we want to empower you with the information you need to continue your journey in life while maintaining your health and vitality.


Once your sample enters TruDiagnostic, it will be entered into our proprietary LIMS system where the sample will be de-identified and given a specific ID number to allow the tracking of the sample through each step of the process.

Tecan M Nano +

Our Tecan Nano + is a proven, high-performance detection solution that processes the quantification of DNA. Each DNA sample is detected by using fluorescent molecules that bind to the genetic material, which is then subsequently compared to a known DNA standard.

BioRad T100 Thermal Cycler

The BioRad T100 Thermal Cycler is a compact, but robust thermal cycler that offers exceptional performance and consistent results. The rapid temperature fluctuations give our bisulfite conversions quick results with confidence. 

Bisulfite Conversion

Bisulfite Conversion is the gold standard for DNA methylation analysis. This method will allow the conversion of unmethylated cytosines to uracils, only leaving the methylated cytosines behind. This procedure will in effect make the scanning of the methylated groups in your DNA more efficient.  

Tecan Freedom EVO

This is an upgradeable automation machine that will allow us to process 20,000 samples per month. This Tecan will automate the processing of the beadchip to increase productivity.

Illumina iScan

The Illumina iScan is the state of the art array scanner here at TruDiagnostic. With this equipment, the scanning process can analyze over 850,000 sites in your DNA. Paired with the Autoloader  2.X, the iScan has the capability to scan thousands of samples per day without sacrificing the quality and reproducibility of the results.