Integrate Methylation based Epigenetic Testing

In Your Practice

We are the first epigenetic testing platform built for providers to assess and interpret methylation based epigenetics of their patients. This centers around our expertise in epigenetic age testing.

Age is the #1
Risk Factor For Most Chronic Diseases.

With our advanced epigenetic age testing algorithms, we are able to help you objectively quantify age and the effects of medical interventions intended to reduce accelerated aging and the subsequent links to disease and health.

You no longer have to wait 40 years for long term data to predict the effect therapies have on an individual. This testing is also personalized so that you can make changes directly based on the patient results. 

Providers Welcome

Any licensed Health Care Provider (HCP) such as a medical doctor, nurse practitioner, dentist, dietitian, nutritionist, or a social worker can register with TruDiagnostic to offer methylation based epigenetic testing to their clients.

Clinical Partners Receive

Turn-Key Marketing

You'll have access to all of our Turn-key Marketing resources, including pre-written emails, website copy, images, social media posts, tutorials, marketing and monetization advice, and much more. 


We understand that your staff is the frontline between you and your patients. Ensuring that your staff fully understands biological age and our processes is the first step to successfully implementing TruAge into your practice. We’re more than happy to schedule a private video conference with you and your staff. 

Exclusive Seminars & Interviews

Every month or so, we host live interviews with experts in the fields of epigenetics and aging.
As a TruDiagnostic partner, you’ll receive invitations to join us live as we cover each new topic.

Special Pricing 

Since we want to encourage folks to work with a Healthcare Professional to optimize their aging process, Healthcare partners get better deals on pricing when ordering kits. To inquire about pricing, please contact us directly. 

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