How TruAge™ Works

Once you receive the TruAge™ sample collection kit:
1) Register Your Kit
2) Collect your sample
3) Mail it to our lab

Once we receive your sample, our laboratory will:
4) Carefully process your DNA to isolate and measure methylated locations.
5) Analyze your methylation patterns to find your Biological Age.
6) We then email you when your report is ready to view!

What happens in the laboratory?

You can read about the entire step-by-step process, following your sample through our laboratory here

Do I need to be a healthcare professional to order TruAge™

Nope! While we do offer our epigenetic testing services to healthcare professionals (they also get advanced reports not yet available to the public), you don't need to be a healthcare professional to have your Biological Age checked with our kit.

You have the power to take control of your health, by focusing on lifestyle changes to optimize your body's rate of aging. We want to share that with you!

How do I collect a sample?

We have step-by-step video instructions available here!
Each kit also comes with easy-to-follow instructions, and all of the tools needed to collect 3-6 drops of blood.

What is in my report?

Your TruAge™ report will include:

Your current Biological Age at the time of the test
Your Epi-Age Ratio (the pace your body has aged per year, so far)
A detailed breakdown of lifestyle factors that are known to influence your Biological Age
General advice on how you could apply these lifestyle changes.

How often should I re-test?

We recommend a re-test period of 5-6 months for the average person. This lets you track how well lifestyle changes have actually affected you at an Epigenetic level.

However, if you’re making extreme changes, you may see changes in your Methylation patterns in as few as 3-4 months. 

Why don't we offer a personalized plan?

TruDiagnostic is a testing laboratory - not your doctor.
If you want to create a personalized, step-by-step guide to optimize your health and lifespan based on your epigenetic results, we'd be happy to connect you with a provider in our partner network.

Every person's health situation is different, and they will react to big lifestyle changes in different ways.
For instance, while certain diets have been shown to help reduce Biological Age, many people cannot start high-stress diets due to kidney damage, heart disease, gallbladder problems, and many other reasons - it would be irresponsible (not to mention unethical) to give medical directives without knowing someone's medical history, and having specific training on the topic. That's why we only offer lifestyle suggestions that you can take to a healthcare professional for a more detailed plan.