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Epigenetic measures of methylation have been one of the most exciting areas of medicine since 2013 when they first gained notoriety for being the most accurate method to predict biological age.

Learn Your Pace of Aging

Since then, our understanding of how to read the data obtained from an individual’s methylation epigenetic has significantly increased. For instance, with the same data we were obtaining previously, we can now predict the age of the immune system, predict immune cell subsets, and even telomere length in a way that is more accurate and predictive of health outcomes than traditional telomere length measurements.

Change How You View Aging

Biologically, Aging is the process of your cells slowly losing function over time.
Accelerated Pace of Aging increases the speed at which your cells functions fail, throughout your body.

It shows itself in both outward signs of aging, and impacts things like muscle strength, balance, frailty, and much more. 

Preview the Report Think of it like a Speedometer for your Aging process.

A static clock like our normal biological age or immune age measurements only show how much your body has aged up to this point. The ‘distance’ you’ve aged. DunedinPACE shows how fast you’re currently aging. 

What Is

Epigenetics is the link between your genes and your environment.

Epigenetic markers change how your genes are working without changing the DNA itself. 

It’s a bit like writing notes into a recipe book. “Skip this step” or “Double the garlic here.” or even “This recipe is terrible, never do it again.” 

Epigenetic markers are those handwritten notes that your body is constantly adding and removing from atop your DNA, in response to everything your body is going through. 

TruAge looks at an epigenetic marker called Methylation. Our sophisticated algorithms identify how quickly your body is aging at a biological level, and can do so much more… 

What Is
Biological Age?

Aging isn’t just your birthday.

Biological Aging is the gradual loss of cellular function, throughout your body. It’s about how well your cells do their jobs. 

When the cell’s instructions written in your DNA get muddled or shut down, outward signs of aging begin to appear – from wrinkles to a higher likelihood of developing chronic disease. When this process is happening faster than it should be, that’s called accelerated aging

Since Epigenetic markers like Methylation can control the sending of these cellular messages, we can build a picture of your health and aging process by looking at methylation. 

What Changes
Biological Age?

Markers for Biological Age first start to change while you’re still in the womb, and continue to change throughout your entire life.

These changes happen in response to nearly every choice you make. 

Nutrition, exercise habits, medications, injuries, environmental pollutions, how much sleep you’re getting, the stress you’re enduring, and much more. 

It’s a long list, but recent studies have found that changing those factors can also change your Biological Age in as little as 8 weeks


Different parts of your body age at different rates, here’s no single, perfect way to measure aging. That’s why TruAge is an ever-expanding collection of aging measurements and health insights. 

Since Biological Age measured with methylation is tied to many health outcomes, and lowering Biological Age has been shown to also reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases, you can build a picture of your general health with one easy test,

When your Biological Age is lower than your chronological age (your birthday), you’re doing great! If it’s over that number, it may be time for some changes. 

Learn About Our Algorithms

Once we know the methylation patterns on your DNA, we run those values through advanced algorithms created with the help of machine learning and decades of research. 

There’s around 900,000 methylation markers that we look at in each person, so it’d be a lot to sort through by hand. 

If you want to learn more about the science behind each of the algorithms we just, just click the button below. 

Learn About Our Algorithms

What's in my report?

We deliver more than just Biological Age. 

Our reports also provide a full suite of aging related metrics and comparison tracking reports for repeat users. 

When we offer lifestyle advice, we also provide the studies behind each suggestion. 

When you work with a physician, you can also request access to advanced reporting to get the most out of your TruAge test. 

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