Kit Collection

Register your kit at Your sample CANNOT be processed unless it is registered.

To Produce Good Blood Flow

Drink water prior to collection
Warm your fingers
The best place to prick the fingertip is the side because it has an excellent blood supply and is the least painful
Any finger may be used for a sample

Other Important Information

  • Please provide a minimum of 250 ul of blood (3 drops of blood)
  • The maximum collection volume is 500 ul. Volume markers are labeled on the side of the collection tube
  • If we don't get enough DNA we will not be able to process your sample
  • If needed, use the second lancet on a different finger to collect the sample
  • You will receive an email within 4 - 8 weeks after sending us your sample with your results

Detailed Steps + Tips

Step 1

Place collection tube upright in circular slot labeled “STAND TUBE HERE”

Step 2

Wash your hands and dry them completely

Step 3

Wipe your fingertip with the alcohol wipe and let air dry completely before continuing

Step 4

Grasp your finger near the area to be pricked and gently massage for 3 seconds

Step 5

Hold the lancing device firmly against your fingertip and press the release button

Step 6

Gently massage your fingertip to get a small drop of blood

Step 7

Wipe the first droplet of blood away with the gauze pad

Step 8

Place your finger against the taller side of the collection tube

Step 9

Gently massage your fingertip to produce a few drops of blood

Step 10

Once the appropriate volume is collected wrap the bandage at the site of the prick

Step 11

Place the cap on top of the collecting tube and press down firmly until you hear a snap

Step 12

Invert the tube several times as to mix the sample and anticoagulant thoroughly

Step 13

Place the collecting tube in the biohazard bag and seal

Step 14

Place the biohazard bag in the prepaid return envelope and seal

Step 15

Place the prepaid return envelope in any USPS mailbox or bring it to your local post office

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