Expand Past Reports

Report Expansions use licensed algorithms that we can make available as part of a partnership with third party research groups. As of 9/16/2021, Report Expansions have been integrated into our TruAge Collection.

 TruAge purchases made before that date can still purchase the expansions as an add-on. 

When you purchase an expansion, please fill out the form below, so we can make sure your expansion is properly added to your TruAge results. 


If you have taken multiple Truage tests, please fill out this form for each data set you want to add a report expansion to. 

Once you have submitted the form, order your desired Report Expansion(s) through one of the links below, and our team will apply it to the data set you indicated. 

Report Expansions are not currently standalone tests. Please only purchase the Expansion on its own if you have a past TruAge data set to apply it to. 

As our in-house research team develops more behavioral impact, disease marker, and trait reports, past TruAge reports will automatically update. These automatic updates will display results from both present and past samples you submitted. These updates will be completely free, as part of your lifetime of service. 

Report Expansions are made available through licensing agreements made with third-party research institutions, like Duke University. Since we (TruDiagnostic) were not the ones to create these algorithms, the license allows us to offer it to our customers for a small fee.