TruAge Complete with Tasso+
TruAge Complete with Tasso+
TruAge Complete with Tasso+
TruAge Complete with Tasso+
TruAge Complete with Tasso+
TruAge Complete with Tasso+
TruAge Complete with Tasso+
TruAge Complete with Tasso+

TruAge Complete with Tasso+

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The TruAge Complete Collection offers our entire suite of epigenetic aging reports and aging algorithms to give you a more comprehensive picture of biological aging.

This kit uses the Tasso+ device to collect a blood sample.

The Tasso+ device attaches to your arm, and collects blood with a push of a button. 

Want to use a blood spot card instead of a Tasso+ unit? See our normal TruAge Complete Collection. 

Measure Age?

Ever wonder why some people look and act 10 years younger than they are? 
A person’sEpigenetic Agematters far more than the number of candles on their birthday cake, when it comes to estimating their health and age-related disease risks.

Aging itself is the gradual loss of function at a cellular and molecular level. Epigenetics play a big part in regulating and controlling those functions, so it also plays a big part in aging. 

Accelerated epigenetic aging is actually the #1 risk factor for developing most age-related chronic diseases. With TruAge, you can measure your epigenetic aging, and use our reports as a reference point to begin tracking how your lifestyle changes are affecting your aging at a molecular level. 

We measure aging, so you can more effectively manage it. 

What is

Your DNA is your body’s recipe book. Different areas of the body, like the brain and skin, read different chapters from that book. An epigenetic marker like DNA methylation can act as a biological white-out, changing phrases, sentences, and even entire recipes. 

This reversible process is your body’s way of controlling which parts of your DNA are read, without changing the DNA itself. This is called ‘Epigenetics’ and is what your body uses to change gene expression throughout your life. 

Many studies have found that DNA methylation is highly correlated to aging, so we use epigenetics to analyze it and create our TruAge Epigenetic Collections

What is

TruAge is a collection of Epigenetic Age reports. The epigenetic marker we analyze is called methylation. It is currently the most useful and accurate way to measure the biological processes of aging. 

Different areas of our body age at different rates due to differences in cell type and stressors. Since those different aging rates also impact health and lifespan in different ways, we realized there is no single, perfect measurement of aging. No single “Biological Age” number could express all the useful things we can tell you about aging, and how it impacts your health!  

So, we expanded TruAge into a collection of reports instead of just a single number.

By looking at different aspects of epigenetic aging, along with trait reports and other advanced metrics, we offer a larger and more complete picture of your ever-changing health and lifespan.


Our laboratory is CLIA certified, and HIPAA compliant. We take data security seriously and will never sell it to a third party.


TruAge has been reviewed and approved by independent board-certified physicians.


We make a complex subject easy for you to use. Gain meaningful insights about your lifestyle, and tips based on epigenetic research.


Take action on your health and wellness. Choose a local health provider or sign up for a free 30-minute Epigenetic consult to go over your results, access advanced reporting, and make a personalized plan.