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TruAge PACE is highly sensitive to short-term changes, and is built to be a powerful tool for individuals who are testing the efficacy of interventions on their own aging rate. It features the Dunedin Pace of Aging report, and Telomere Length to create a small, precise test for pace of aging.

Get started with this easy at-home sample collection kit! Our new and improved blood spot collection card makes taking a sample as easy as letting a few drops fall onto paper, and shipping your sample to our lab.

Learn more about Pace of Aging here

The TruAge PACE at-home sample collection kit includes all supplies required to take a sample onto a blood spot card and mail it back to our lab. It also includes a unique barcode, which you must register before sending the sample back.
Which Epigenetic Clock Should I Use?

A case study on clock limitations through the lens of DunedinPACE algorithm.

Measure Age?

Aging is cellular loss of function. 

In longevity research, we track molecular markers that have been correlated with that aging process. While your chronological age will always progress at a fixed rate, biological age can show a summary of how a person’s lifestyle choices and behaviors are affecting their body.

We don’t all age in the same way, at the same rate.

Accelerated Aging is the #1 risk factor for most major chronic diseases.

With TruAge PACE, you can measure your epigenetic age acceleration, and use our reports as a reference point to begin tracking how your lifestyle changes are affecting your aging at a molecular level. 

We measure aging, so you can more effectively manage it. 

What is
Pace of Aging?

TruAge PACE is a biological pace of aging test that focuses on short-term changes in methylation that translate into long-term impacts to health. It acts like a speedometer for aging, where values above 1 are 'accelerated aging' and below 1 are 'slowed aging.'

The primary algorithm offered in PACE is the Dunedin Pace of Aging algorithm (DunedinPACE) - developed over 50 years and trained on longitudinal phenotypic data. Dr. Eileen Crimmons in USC evaluated DunedinPACE, and found it was the most predicative age-related biomarker for health consequences.

Short Term Testing

Because of the high precision, and significance of small changes, you can retest frequently.  Watch your rate of aging change in response to lifestyle changes, and figure out what changes work best for you.

We recommend 3 months between tests.

Of all aging clocks, DunedinPACE offers the highest ICC value, across the board. It is the most reliably consistant and reproducable.


Our laboratory is CLIA certified, and HIPAA compliant. We take data security seriously and will never sell it to a third party.


TruAge has been reviewed and approved by independent board-certified physicians.


We make a complex subject easy for you to use. Gain meaningful insights about your lifestyle, and tips based on epigenetic research.


Take action on your health and wellness. Choose a local health provider or sign up for a free 30-minute Epigenetic consult to go over your results, access advanced reporting, and make a personalized plan.

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What's Included? TruAge Complete Collection TruAge PACE
Epigenetic Biological Age | Your whole-body summary no
Telomere Length | Aging based on cellular replication
Dunedin PACE | A speedometer for pace of aging
Extrinsic Epigenetic Age | Immune System Impact on Age no
Intrinsic Epigenetic Age | Aging Independent of Immune System no
Immune cell-type ratios and CD4:CD8 ratio no
Weight Loss Response to Caloric Restriction no
Download CpG beta values | Your raw epigenetic data no
Lifetime Guarantee: new trait reports added as they’re discovered. no
Lifestyle suggestions sourced to the latest public research on epigenetic aging
Access advanced metrics and health insights with our free consult. no

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